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Being in business, we all need to be able to pay our expenses and turn a profit.  The only way we can do this is to stay up and running. But, no matter how well prepared we are, somtimes our equipment lets us down and the revenue stops. This is when you need service people like us to help minimize your down time.

We are focused on bringing you fast, dependable, friendly service, with the knowledge required to complete your job quickly at the most economical price and without any hidden charges. The current costs of fuel and parts, as you know, cannot be controlled so we will do our best to tailor the repair to your expectations and/or budget (rebuild, repair, or replace with all new components.)

We operate modern equipment outfitted with a full compliment of tools to complete any field repair or project you may have. (In-shop service is available if necessary) 

Our services include, welding, hydraulic repair and cylinder rebuilding, mechanical repair, air system repair, electrical and wiring troubleshooting and repair, oil changes and lubrication. Boat repair. 
If you choose, we will visit you on a schedule of your choice to make repairs, do equipment service, or inspections.

I will travel to you wherever you may be, as needed. Mileage is unlimited. I am licensed for interstate travel. If you should need my services 100 miles or more (one way) from my base in Salem, Oregon you may arrange special travel rates at the time of dispatch.

No matter what season it is or what the elements are doing at the time, you can depend on me to make your required repairs with just one phone call. In doing so, I hope to win the opportunity to serve you again in the future. Available for call-out repairs or weekly/monthly scheduled maintenance.


Our Mission
To get you back up and running as quickly as possible.
To be honest, dependable, and on time.
To control the cost of repair as much as possible.
To ensure the repair is done right the first time.
To make sure you are satisfied so that you will call us again when you need help.

Offering A lifetime of experience in heavy equipment operation and repair as well as cranes and trucks, on road and off road, logging Equipment, mill equipment and machinery.

Certified Welding Stick & Wire. We weld steel, aluminum, stainless steel, and cast iron as well as some exotic metals.  We can do this in the field or at your shop.

Marine Services  We do aluminum and stainless steel fixture and hardware modification and repair, outboard motor repair, I/O repair, and gas engine service and repair, oil changes, lighting and electronic component installation. 

Go to our Links page to connect to our photo albums.

What you will find there are some amazing photos of scenery, hobbies, passions,
and more than a few problems and wrecks that we have encountered.

(all of the photos have been taken by me)

L. Novak Enterprises, Inc.  Salem, Oregon
Mechanic Service or Parts info: (503)932-2146 Fax: (503) 581-7543

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