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Passing Plate. Large or Small, We can Build It.
This is a Beam Passing Plate, Rated for 200,000lbs

Rolling Outriggers for Cranes, We Design and Build
These Rollers Were Designed For A 250 ton Conventional Crane, Shown Being Used on a 190 ton Hydro.

Call our mechanic for mobile diesel repair, including heavy equipment and electrical services.

(503) 932-2146

Premium Service at a Budget Price.

Lou Novak - Owner
King Kong, A Large Twin Vibratory Pile Hammer. built by A.P.E.

We Locate Parts
for You.

All hard to find parts for Heavy Construction Equipment,
Trucks, Construction Cranes, Logging Equipment, Small Equipment and Tractor Parts.  Also,

Gray Market Parts

If you have searched the world over and still cannot find what you need, then call us.
If they built it, we can find it.
Old, obscure, discontinued, obsolete, and un-identifiable parts.
We Have the experience and keep an extensive database of sources to locate what you need.
In many cases we can fabricate parts that are no longer available from any aource.
Please call if you have any questions, would like a quote, or need my service.


Or you may contact us by E-mail. Just state what you need in detail and we will get back with you.

We Do Troubleshooting

and Repair on

  • Drivelines and U-Joints
  • Rear Ends & Steer Axles, king pins
  • Brakes, air & hydraulic
  • Hydraulic Systems & Cylinders
  • Air Systems
  • Electrical Systems
  • Frame/Wheelbase shortening or extending
  • 5th Wheel and King Pin, rebuild/replace
  • Drop Axle Install and Repair
  • Crane Boom Repair
  • Cell Tower Repair & Modification
  • On Site Oil Changes
  • Weekly or Monthly Scheduled Maintenance on your Equipment
  •  (set up and approved in advance)

Welding & Fabrication

stick and wire welding

  • Certified Welding when Required (AWS d-1.1, C.O.P, W.A.B.O.)
  • Gas Welding
  • Stud Welding
  • Plasma Torch Cutting
  • Hard Surfacing
  • Build-Up
  • Air-Arc Metal Removal
  • Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel
  • Cast steels and Iron
  • A/R & Armor Plate Steels
  • Cell Towers & Equipment
  • Machine Shop Services Available.

Marine Services
We do aluminum and stainless steel fixture and hardware modification and repair, outboard motor repair, I/O repair, and gas engine service and repair, oil changes, lighting and electronic component installation.
 We Build "Custom" Dive Ladders and Platforms 
for People Who Need Sturdy Equipment

Extended Length Ladder
This Ladder Was Built Special For a Customer with a Handicap.

Check Out Our ATV Repair Service
We Can Repair Your Machine... As We know Personally, you Need a Good Repair at a Good Price.
We Will Try to Meet Your Budget

Stick in Tire. 2 years ago at Mt .Baber ATV Club
The Owner Of This Quad Thought Their Weekend Was Ruined. I Repaired It And It Is Still In Use Today.

L. Novak Enterprises, Inc.  Salem, Oregon
Mechanic Service or Parts info: (503)932-2146 Fax: (503) 581-7543

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