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Serving Oregon & Washington

Heavy Equipment Repair

 Mobile Service

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Call  503-932-2146.

We Locate Parts for You

All hard to find Parts for GRAY market & Heavy Equipment,
Farm Equipment, Logging Equipment, Trucks, RV's, Boats, Pumps
ScissorLifts, Man Lifts and Cranes.

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Our available services are as follows, but not limited to:  

•  Heavy Equipment
•  Forklifts
•  Scissor/Man Lifts
•  Construction
•  Logging Equipment
•  Rental Type Equipment
•  Annual Inspections
•  Farm equipment
•  RV's & Boats
•  Our Certified Welder can also fabricate specialized items used in the construction industry.
•  Mobile diesel repair - including heavy equipment and electrical services.
•  Drive-lines and U-Joints Service and Repair
•  Steer Axles
•  King pins service and repair
•  Brakes - air & hydraulic system service and repair
•  Hydraulic System & Cylinders
•  Air Systems
•  Electrical System - Troubleshoot, Service, Repair
•  Frame/Wheelbase shortening or extending
•  RV's - 5th Wheel and King Pin, rebuild/replace
•  Drop Axle Install and Repair
•  On Site PM Services
•  Certified Welding when Required (AWS d-1.1, C.O.P, W.A.B.O.)
•  Gas Welding - Certified Welder
•  Stud Welding - Certified Welder
•  Plasma Torch Cutting
•  Hard Surfacing
•  Build-Up
•  Air-Arc Metal Removal
•  Steel - Certified Welder
•  Aluminum - Certified Welder
•  Stainless Steel - Certified Welder
•  Cast steels and Iron - Certified Welder
•  A/R & Armor Plate Steels - Certified Welder
•  Cell Towers & Equipment _ Certified Welder
•  ATV Repair Service
•  Marine/Boats
•  Farm Equipment and Farm Trucks
•  Dive Ladders and Platforms for all Boats
•  Aluminum and stainless steel fixture and hardware modification and repair
•  Outboard motor repair, I/O repair, and gas engine service and repair.
We will travel anywhere.

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L. Novak Enterprises, Inc.  Salem, Oregon
Mechanic Service or Parts info: (503)932-2146 Fax: (503) 581-7543

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